What is the Sydney Prize?

The S. D. Young Prize (SDY Prize) recognizes scientists who have done outstanding work benefitting society, whether that involves educating the public on science, sparking public interest in biology and medicine fields, or creating innovative technologies that may aid humanity. As one of the most coveted prizes in science, winning it may lead to jobs or even help you start businesses – however there may be conditions attached so it is wise to conduct your own research before applying.

The Sdy Prizes recognize undergraduate students for outstanding performance in their units of study. Winning one can be an enormous boost to motivation, and networking opportunities exist with scholars within their field. Beyond receiving a monetary compensation for winning an Sdy Prize may allow winners to present their work at events or publish papers which help build recognition within their field and can open doors for future employment opportunities.

Established in 1941 through a gift of 150 pounds (130 pounds according to some sources) from former pupils of Normanhurst School for a prize in memory of Mrs Maud Stiles, and awarded annually to the student with outstanding work in senior units of history.

This Industry Prize has been generously provided by Sydney Film Production Company Pty Ltd (T/as Sydney Films). It can be applied towards tuition fees, the Industry Project Fee and any production services necessary for your final project.

Monte sdy completed 44 official tournaments and scored over 163 maps in 2023 – an amazing accomplishment that showcases their unfaltering work ethic – rarely taking days off, always looking to improve themselves; we can’t wait to see what their next endeavor brings!