How to Qualify For the HK Prize

The Hong Kong Prize is one of Asia’s premier awards, attracting thousands of applicants every year. It honors scientists whose groundbreaking contributions in their fields have had an enormous impact on society; winners receive cash awards, plaques and access to research facilities in Hong Kong.

US lawmakers have nominated Hong Kong’s pro-democracy activists for a Nobel peace prize, hailing them as global role models against Beijing’s suppression of dissent. Nine US lawmakers from both parties submitted a letter to the Nobel committee detailing estimates that over two million people participated in protests last June and many were arrested under China’s National Security Law – Joshua Wong was one of those taken into custody under this new legislation.

HK Prize is an online game that allows users to compete against one another for cash prizes, free to join. While players can play as often as desired, it is important that HK Prize be played responsibly, and to read all rules and regulations prior to placing any bets.

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Hong Kong Academy of the Humanities (HKAH) recently revived its First Book Prize to recognize early career scholars. A prize called Sir Peter Hall Award for Planning History was also introduced this year to honor sustained excellence for published works that demonstrate historical scholarship’s relevance in relation to contemporary planning challenges.

Hong Kong is a vibrant city with plenty of opportunities for writers. Writing competitions such as the Hong Kong Prize provide writers with invaluable exposure. If interested, visit their official website for further details and register as participants!

To qualify for the Hong Kong Prize, applicants must submit an article that draws upon original research and makes an influential statement about society as a whole. The judging panel will also take into account their writing skills and understanding of Hong Kong culture. Those wishing to enter should keep in mind that applications will only open during certain times of the year; and all criteria must be fulfilled if winning; otherwise a substantial cash prize and publishing contract await them! The prize is definitely worth investing time and dedication into reaching success!