The Hongkong Prize

hongkong prize

Hongkong Prize

Each year, the Hong Kong government awards an array of prestigious annual prizes called Hong Kong Prizes to honour people who have made an impactful contribution in various fields and encourage young scientists to follow their passion – maintaining Hong Kong as an exceptional center of research. Winners receive monetary awards, access to premier research facilities, certificates and an honorific title of “Hongkong Prize winner”. Finalists also gain the honourific “Hong Kong Prize Winner”.

The Hong Kong Prize is one of Asia’s premier awards, honouring individuals who have accomplished extraordinary things in life. This year’s recipients include an organization providing shelter to homeless adults and a professor credited with creating liquid biopsy technology to assist physicians diagnose cancer more rapidly. Other notable finalists included a filmmaker who captured Hong Kong’s spirit as well as an artist reinterpreting human rights issues into fine art concepts.

In the last decades of the 20th century, many of Hong Kong’s acclaimed writers took up residence abroad and established small writer communities that remain faithful to Hong Kong literary culture. Today their works remain widely read both locally and beyond Hong Kong borders; The HK Prizes serve as an important celebration of their literary legacy for all to enjoy.

This award is open to all students in Hong Kong and does not discriminate on any basis related to gender, race or ethnicity, colour, immigration status, national origin religion disability sexual orientation sexuality gender identity expression etc. Students can register their artwork by registering with ArtCall prior to submission deadline – shortlisted works will then be displayed publicly before being sold at auction and their proceeds going directly to Justice Centre; please see full Terms & Conditions for further details.

This award is open to HKIE engineering students studying at higher education institutions that provide engineering Higher Diploma or Associate Degree degrees; each institution may submit up to five candidates. Entries will be judged according to quality factors like technical skill, composition and execution as well as storytelling – and should reflect Hong Kong society’s themes of diversity and inclusion.