Take a Dip in Some of the Best Hong Kong Pools This Summer

Swimming isn’t only fun; it can also do wonders for our physical and mental wellbeing. Swimming offers low-impact exercise that’s great for relieving stress from everyday life. So this summer, take the opportunity to explore some of Hong Kong’s amazing pools!

Hong Kong is home to an extremely dense population, so public and government-run pools may become overcrowded during the hottest months. Many hotels provide stunning pools where guests can find some privacy with superior facilities, stunning views and drinks or food served poolside – ideal places for an ideal pool experience!

The Peninsula, famous as a shopping mecca, boasts one of Hong Kong’s most eye-catching indoor pools. Boasting its signature Roman-inspired design featuring statuesque columns to create an exquisite palatial environment. Not only can guests admire its extraordinary layout; but also experience breathtaking views of Hong Kong’s skyline from its exceptional position within this pool.

InterContinental Hotel stands out among hotels by boasting of its water-based amenities with their stunning infinity pool at the International Commerce Centre, which provides breathtaking views of Victoria Harbour from floor-to-ceiling windows. Here, guests can swim laps in its spacious lap pool or simply lounge and relax by its dipping pool – while enjoying refreshments from its adjacent bar or taking part in wellness classes like Tai Chi or Yoga while overlooking this breathtaking pool’s scenery.

Public and government-run swimming pools in Hong Kong may offer modern amenities, but can often be less than desirable to swim in due to a lack of lifeguards. According to Hong Kong Recreation and Sports Professionals General Union reports, about 20 public pools may only partially open during this summer season while over 500 licensed private pools won’t open as scheduled.

As several new pools are set to open this year, this should help relieve crowding issues at existing aquatic facilities. A recent opening is the Wan Chai Swimming Pool which replaced an older one and serves as an asset in this part of London. Other upcoming facilities are Olympic Swimming Complex and Pao Yue-Kong Pool complex which will both open their doors sometime between now and 2022.

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