A Beginner’s Guide to Data Science and Analytics

Data science is one of the key tools businesses can leverage in this age of information to achieve success. It can improve all areas of business operations from marketing and sales to operational processes and customer service; but first it is vital to gain an understanding of its fundamentals before trying it for your own good. This article provides an introduction into this transformative technology as well as ways it can be leveraged to your benefit.

Data science is the practice of collecting, processing and interpreting large amounts of structured and unstructured data to gain actionable intelligence that can drive business growth and innovation. As a multidisciplinary field comprising aspects from statistics, mathematics, computer engineering and social sciences – data science forms the cornerstone of modern businesses and can be applied across many different industries.

Successful data science strategies start by identifying key business problems, then using data to develop solutions to those problems. Doing this requires a deep knowledge of industry dynamics, customer preferences and market trends as well as strong fundamentals of statistics and data visualization. Finally, effective communication among stakeholders and explain complex concepts to non-experts are key ingredients of success in any DSy strategy.

Data science starts with collecting raw data. This may come from various sources such as social media platforms, customer interactions and website analytics. After collecting raw data it’s essential to eliminate duplicate entries, deal with missing or irrelevant data points and standardize formats so your dataset is ready for analysis. Also important are identifying any anomalies which might distort or inhibit this process of study.

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