What is the SGP Prize?

sgp prize is a Singapore-based literary award designed to acknowledge the role imagination plays as a critical glue that unifies societies. This annual prize from National University of Singapore (NUS) recognizes works that evoke or reflect upon past, present, or future places and people in Singapore; or reflect how individuals view themselves and each other. Its administration ensures its continuity. The award is judged by a panel of writers, historians, and cultural commentators and given out annually since October 2014. The inaugural prize was granted in 2014. The committee, led by NUS Asia Research Institute distinguished fellow Kishore Mahbubani, assessed 31 books submitted by publishers. This included novels by Chang Wen-li and Wong Pang as well as non-fiction by former Singapore PM Lee Kuan Yew, historical accounts written by Ian Gordon and Seng Guo Quan; art history studies provided by Suhaili Osman; and theater criticism by Alfian Sa’at.

Although still relatively young, this prize has made an indelible mark on Singaporean literary life. It has spurred increased attention on Singaporean literature as well as more scholars engaging with Singapore’s history through fiction writing. Additionally, we expect this prize will help promote further discussions and debate about Singaporean culture, society and politics through literary works.

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