Hong Kong Pools

hongkong pools

Swimming can be a fantastic activity to share with someone special or simply yourself, whether that be alone or as part of an enjoyable workout regiment. Swimming offers low-impact exercise that can reduce stress levels and boost energy, providing a refreshing way to cool off from summer heat!

Hong Kong boasts plenty of public and government-run pools that may become overcrowded during swim sessions. To experience more privacy when taking a dip, visit one of Hong Kong’s hotels with their own pool; many feature top-of-the-line facilities, breathtaking views, and cocktails at their bar!

The Mira Hong Kong’s spectacular outdoor pool stands out among Hongkong pools as one of the must-visit spots. Surrounded by palm-fringed terraces and boasting two water slides perfect for kids and adults, guests can relax poolside with a cocktail in hand as they take in Victoria Harbour views from here.

Pool use is typically reserved for hotel guests, although outsiders may also access it during special events. Make a reservation ahead of time if you plan on visiting during these times; additionally, sunscreen may be necessary as temperatures in the pool can become quite warm.

On the 76th floor, this rooftop pool offers panoramic views of Hong Kong. Designed with an infinity edge and complete with deckchairs for sunbathing and cocktails for sale. Also included is high-speed internet connectivity to keep you entertained post swim.

Olympic Pool in Wai Man Road is another of Hongkong’s renowned swimming spots, featuring four pools – main pool, teaching pool, leisure pool and one designed to cater to toddlers – perfect for family fun in beautiful surroundings with plenty of seating available or nearby restaurants to refuel with refreshments afterwards.

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