Singapore Prize Winners Announced

Prizes ranging from $100,000 to $250,000 will encourage teams to create the most innovative artificial intelligence solutions with substantial socioeconomic impacts for real-world problems, including technologies that detect fake media or reduce food supply chain waste, or provide faster and more affordable ways of training 3D modeling algorithms. Winning teams will also receive seed funding so they can continue developing their solution, with judges taking into consideration both its overall impact and quality as criteria for winning selection.

This competition is open to any participant from anywhere around the globe and teams can submit applications via an online application form. Submissions will then be evaluated and shortlisted by an expert panel in AI, before 15 teams are invited to pitch their ideas at the Grand Final which will take place in Singapore on 30 November.

Beyond winning prize money, winning teams will also have access to workshops and mentoring sessions led by industry experts and the Global Innovation Academy (GiA) that will assist them with implementing their solutions. In addition, winning teams may attend Singapore’s World Architecture Festival 2023 from 29 November-1 December which features keynote talks, product exhibition, live critique presentations and live crit presentations as an additional benefit of winning this contest.

New behind-the-scenes photos from Prince William’s Earthshot Prize Ceremony in Singapore have been released by Royal Photographer Chris Jackson, showing him preparing his speech and greeting fellow Earthshot Prize Council Member actress Cate Blanchett. These were shared via Instagram this past weekend; William can be seen bending forward to shake Blanchett’s hand before sipping from a drink in between duties.

Heir to the British Throne is in Singapore for the third annual Earthshot Prize awards ceremony. After arriving at Changi Airport he was met by an enthusiastic crowd and began exploring how local organizations are working to protect and restore our environment. Additionally he will attend United for Wildlife global summit where representatives from law enforcement agencies and conservation groups are working collaboratively against illicit wildlife trade which is estimated at $20 billion annually.

Singapore Pools will announce the results of each Singapore Prize draw live on its website at 17:37 BST each Monday and Friday draw. Live results can be found under the result tab from 17:37 BST; any results that were updated once another drawing had concluded will also be updated accordingly to ensure accurate and fair results are provided to ensure the integrity of our contest and contest quality are upheld; those found breaking any terms and conditions of Singapore Prize may face penalties under Betting and Sweepstake Duties Act.