Singapore Pools – A Responsible Gambling Operator

The Singapore Pools have been around for half a century. Established by the government to combat illegal gambling activities while simultaneously providing people with safe and trusted avenues for betting, its profits go towards funding worthy causes that benefit Singaporeans through Tote Board. They pride themselves in upholding responsible gaming standards as world-class operatorss while adhering to self-regulatory guidelines in daily operations.

At present, Singapore Pools boasts of more than 300 branches and authorized retail outlets offering Toto, 4D, Singapore Sweep and sports betting services. Online betting through their website enables customers to place bets on football matches and motor racing events; iOS device users may download the Singapore pools online sportsbook app while Android users may install Singapore pools’ app as an online sportsbook option.

Not to be outdone, Singapore pools online sportsbook also features live streaming of certain sporting events for avid fans to watch their team without traveling, with mobile apps also being used to deposit and withdraw funds from accounts.

The online betting site features an intuitive layout and navigation, making the user’s experience seamless and straightforward. They can quickly check their account balance at any time via the mobile app; additionally they can monitor bet statuses as well as alter their pgps username if needed. Lastly, customer service representatives are on hand for any queries or concerns they might have.

Singapore Pools has implemented numerous responsible gaming initiatives and campaigns. Their retail stores, digital signage network and PADS4 display messages to support this initiative aimed at playing with care, responsible gambling and how to tackle problem gambling. The latter feature also supports their responsible gaming initiative and campaign.

Singapore Pools was recognized as an Employer of Choice in 2020 due to its exceptional social responsibility practices in recruiting, engaging and retaining staff as well as fostering innovation and excellence within its employees.

Singapore Pools has made the move to Oracle Cloud Observability and Management Platform in order to enable employees to work more productively, in order to enhance employee productivity. This move has allowed the company to scale and run applications in a secure, high-performance environment while drastically cutting troubleshooting times in half. Furthermore, their new monitoring and automation capabilities have significantly enhanced operational efficiency and agility for improved operational effectiveness and agility. As a result, the company has been able to deliver superior customer experiences, leading to an increase in revenue and market share across Asia – now becoming the fourth largest lottery operator. Furthermore, there is also a dedicated social impact team dedicated to assisting charities and community groups with their IT requirements.